Luminosity Youth Summit Pitch Project

Do you have a business idea but need funds and support to get it going? We want to hear YOUR Dangerous Idea!

A brand-new initiative, inspired by 3 local entrepreneurs Will Edwards, Andriy Boyko and Tim Platt and supported by Holiday Coast Credit Unit and The Luminosity Youth Summit – the Luminosity Pitch Project, gives you the chance to secure up to $10,000 in financial backing for your Dangerous Idea.

Luminosity Young Guns who attended the Pitch Project Shark Tank Masterclass got the inside knowledge from our expert panel on how to make the perfect pitch. Some even showed great courage and gave their initial pitch…

All Luminosity Attendees can enter.

What we are looking for:

1. People who are passionate about their big idea.

Ie: You don’t need to be a confident speaker, but you need to show that you believe in your idea.

2. People who have researched their industry and can provide basic “pitch” information such as:

A) Why this idea?

Ie: What the idea adds to the community that is not already being done (we had some great ideas expressed during the masterclass.

Examples of this include:

  • A charity that provides goods to those who need it most.
  • A new invention!
  • An online business plan!
  • A new local enterprise.
B) How is it different from similar enterprises already functioning?

Ie: what does your idea add to or provide to the market that is currently unavailable? Why would I buy this product over one already available?

Examples of this include:

  • Your product is cheaper than its competition (often hard to achieve).
  • Your new service targets a smaller or wider group (tailored/expanded approach)
  • Your product utilises socially responsible resources in manufacturing (eg local products/ renewable resources/ recycled material)
  • Your product provides additional services once sold (eg provide donations to charitable organisations)
C) What you have already done to start your idea?

D) What you need to make your business successful and sustainable?

This often includes you demonstrating some knowledge about how much it costs to start up and run your business plan. While it includes finances, it can also include other valuable resources such as networking, mentoring and public exposure.

Remember, starting a business is JUST the beginning. 90% of startups fail in the first year! A lot of these include GREAT IDEAS that have been poorly executed.

E) How we can help?

We want to hear how we can help get your business started, but also how we can help make it sustainable for the years to come. Some of you may only want a small amount of money, but need mentoring and support, others may need far more than what we can provide.



The chances are, your idea (or one similar to it) has been done successfully before. Even totally new ideas can model their business approach on already successful ideas. Research how that idea started and became sustainable and successful.

Watch “shark tank”, “Dragons Den” or research the many available online resources on “how to pitch a business plan”.

You CAN work together as a team! Talk to others and get help

REMEMBER: We are here to help, not judge you on your public speaking performance. ENJOY YOURSELF!

NOW we want to hear from YOU!

Here's How:
  1. Read AND SIGN the terms and conditions found here.
  2. Prepare a 1-2 minute video or 1 page written document outlining your pitch and submit it here before 3pm, Friday 17th August.
  3. The best 10 submissions will be invited to attend a public presentation at Rydges where winners and funding allocations will be announced.
  4. Unsuccessful submissions will receive feedback advise on how they should/ could proceed with their idea.