Jade Weller

Founder of JadeStart

Jade Weller

Jade Weller is an Entrepreneur and Founder of JadeStart Consulting, a Company dedicated to providing business coaching to entrepreneurs so they can build a legacy they deserve. She does this by providing the resources, coaching and tools that make launching a business easy.

Jade is also a Lawyer and has a successful career with the largest accounting firm in Australia, PwC doing corporate restructuring and insolvency. Jade is also studying accounting at the moment and is due to become a Chartered Accountant in 2022.

Recently awarded the International Women’s Day Leadership Award for Small Business by Connecting Women International Inc. and the City Of Gold Coast, Jade is passionate about mentoring and helping willing individuals break their molds to achieve success in their lives. She believes everyone is just one idea away from achieving this!

With a strong desire to travel the world, Jade has visited a number of countries including Greece where she eloped with her husband. She also loves to skate and surf and is passionate about music, playing guitar and the piano.

Masterclass: Finding the perfect Business Idea when you have no idea

Everyone is just one idea away from what they desire most. Knowing what that idea is can be easy, once you know the steps to unlocking it. Join Jade Weller, Founder of JadeStart in this workshop where she will show you what you need to do to unlock that one idea that’s going to give you what you want most in life.