Jo Rowan

Body & Mindset coaching

Jo Rowan

Jo’s career and experience in mind and body rehabilitation span more than 20 years. With qualifications in dance, pilates, sports coaching, personal training, weight loss, training assessment, mind-body theory training, performance & mindset coaching, neuro-linguistic programming & hypnotherapy Jo is a powerhouse of knowledge ready to help you launch into your best life.

She works as a Wellness, Performance and Mindset coach rebuilding lives after trauma, peoples 'I'm Stuck' areas of life - be it weight, relationships, motivation or vision in both personal and business.

On the other side of that fence Jo also enjoys working with performance clients in all areas assisting them to - “up their game” and take their life or business to the next level and beyond.

Workshop: What’s your vision ?

Ever wanted a super power ? If you answered yes then this is the workshop for you !

What if you could be a ‘Vision reader” being able to decode how you, and those around you see the world and what they are really trying to say.

In this interactive Vision workshop you will learn what your Representational System is and how to decode yours and all those around you.

In this fast and furious session we amp up your “vision super powers” as we uncover the hidden world of eye patterns, how they work and how to use them.

With your new found super powers and hacks you will be able to,

  • Tell if someone is making things up
  • Communicate like never before
  • Increase confidence
  • Master job interviews and meetings
  • Understand people you meet in 5min
  • Deepen your friendships & relationships
  • Be correctly understood every time

Do you dare to see differently?

This is a game changer,once you have learnt these skills you’ll see the world differently and wonder how you ever lived without them !