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Kevin Blundell

Kevin Blundell - martial arts title is 'Hanshi', which translates to Master Instructor - is an inspiring international speaker and awarded martial artist with over 50 years' experience, including years of hands on experience in the Security Industry where he held a Master Security Licence.

Hanshi Kevin began his formal Martial Arts training in Judo in 1969 & undertook amateur boxing training on the alternative evenings, in the early 70’s he then moved on to Karate, Kenpo, Kung Fu and Muay Thai developing lifelong friendships & connections all over the World.

He is the Chief Instructor and founder of Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System which he founded in July 1989. From humble beginnings of just 15 members to now 30 years later with 24 locations home to nearly 2,000 active members across the ACT, NSW and QLD.

Hanshi Kevin has grown to become a highly regarded, respected industry leader in the Martial Arts Industry around the World and has received many awards and acknowledgments for the work he has done for the Australian/NZ & International martial arts industry.

He has faced many challenges along the way and is passionate about using the knowledge, including both positive and negative experiences, he has gained through his martial arts journey as a metaphor for life – to help transform the way people think and feel about themselves.

Hanshi Kevin strongly believes by changing your mind you can change your life – Imagine – Believe – Achieve.

Hanshi Kevin is also a fully qualified Builder, former TAFE Teacher and senior Building Inspector/Investigator for the NSW Government, he currently lives & teaches in beautiful Port Macquarie NSW.

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