Liz Roberts

Owner & CEO One Teaspoon

Liz Roberts


Liz is the financial and commercial driver of the duo behind iconic Australian brand OneTeaspoon. Joining the business 15 years ago she has been at the helm during the brands international wholesale expansion which now sees OneTeaspoon sold in over 40 countries globally. During this time the business has achieved a 6 fold growth rate whilst maintaining above industry profitability year on year. With no external funding or investors, this privately owned business is a success story that has been built on strong financial leadership and a supportive creative environment to allow the evolution of the brand across the last 20 years in line with the evolution of our customer base.

With a successful and acclaimed direct to consumer business the brand is now a true omnichannel powerhouse backed by an impressive social media presence with a total reach of over 900 million users across all channels and related product posts and being voted as the number one denim brand in Australia in terms of social engagement.

Managing across all departments of the business, Liz has vast experience in all facets of global brand management. And being a CPA with a background in finance and law has also helped along the way!!

Workshop - How to build a cult fashion brand

Want to start your own fashion brand? Find out what the priorities to consider are before you even choose a name! Oneteaspoon was started 20 years ago and is one of the few Australian brands that has managed to grow and expand successfully into international markets. We have stockist in over 40 countries now, dominating in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and even Russia! Worn by some of the most famous celebrities in the world, oneteaspoon had managed to rise to cult status as a brand. Find out how. Learn the whole cycle from beginning to end, start up phase, how to grow and build, expanding internationally, what happens when you plateau, the importance of social media, and what is the pot of gold at the end.