Meg Teasdell

Environmental Engineer

Meg Teasdell

Meg is in the middle of a fascinating and rewarding career that started with an engineering degree. She is currently the Manager – Tenders for Birdon – a local family-owned maritime business that has forgotten how to think small. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a Masters in Environmental Engineering Management and has over 20 years’ experience with industry, both government and corporate, mostly in environmental engineering roles.

Outside of work she’s been a housemistress in a ballet school in England, travelled around Europe living in a bus, sailed a small yacht with two friends from New Caledonia to Australia, hiked in Tasmania in blizzard conditions, alpine skied up Kosciusko the day after an avalanche, and closer to home has spent a couple of days canoeing down the Hastings River from Ellenborough to town, meeting a few platypus on the way. She would like it known that she’s an ultra-marathon runner because it took a lot of effort, and a Jack Russell Terrier owner because she thinks that makes her more approachable. She’s the mother of two boys, and their view of the world is her proudest accomplishment, but possibly the accomplishment that she’s least able to claim.

Masterclass: Engineer Your Creativity

Do you wish you were better at finding solutions for problems, or negotiating outcomes, or coming up with ideas to improve things? How do we stay creative if it feels as if the structure of school or work or life is sapping the creativity out of your soul? And why do we even need to think creatively? In this workshop we’ll explore the concept of creativity and some of the strategies that “creative people” use to inspire them in their work, and see how we can apply those strategies in our own lives.